The Whittling Wall pays homage to local icons who have helped shape our history and culture in Mount Airy. Featured on the wall are The Whittler - representing the history of the wall, Tommy Jarrell - a legendary fiddle player; Fred Cockerham - a renowned banjo player; Ralph Epperson - founder of WPAQ Radio Station; Donna Fargo - a famous country singer and songwriter; L.H. Jones - a groundbreaking public educator for the African American community; Floyd E. "Flip" Rees - a businessman who led the way in revitalizing downtown Mount Airy; and The Mill Worker - representing the thousands of women and men who worked in local textile mills. The brick sculptures, by North Carolina artist Brad Spencer, tell the story of who we are in Mount Airy: artisans, musicians, educators, small business owners, and hard-working people who make Mount Airy what it is today.

The Whittling Wall project was made possible by a downtown revitalization grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce, The City of Mount Airy, Mount Airy Downtown, Inc., and private donations from the citizens of Mount Airy. It is our hope that you see yourself in the people represented on this wall, and that you ask yourself the question: "How can I make my community a better place for future generations?"

The Whittling Wall

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