Updated July 2020

In February 2019, The Mount Airy Downtown, Inc. Board of Directors began working with Site Work Studios and Rowhouse Architecture to create a conceptual site plan for the historic Spencer's Mill property located in the Municipal Service District just on the edge of downtown.  Sitework Studios and Rowhouse Architecture have come with fresh perspectives for the Spencer’s Mill property.

It is the recommendation of the MAD, Inc. Board of Directors that this plan should serve as a guide for the redevelopment of the Spencer’s Mill campus. It is important that this historic property becomes a functioning part of the community once again, and that the citizens of Mount Airy can take pride in our shared history.

The Four Pillars of the Spencer's Mill Site Plan: 

MAKE THE SITE SAFE: To create proper fire access and emergency vehicle access is of the highest importance for this plan.
MAKE THE SITE FUNCTIONAL: To provide adequate access for the buildings already in play, to maximize opportunities for further development on the property, and to responsibly and cost effectively resolve storm water and slope issues.
MAKE THE SITE A COMMUNITY SPACE: To create gathering spaces, a farmer’s market, a greenway connector, future community garden opportunities, and educational components that benefit everyone.
MAKE THE SITE ADD TO THE TAX BASE: To relieve the burden on the tax payers of Mount Airy, and to make the greatest economic impact especially for small businesses in and around the downtown district. We believe the biggest opportunities to add to the tax base are to reserve the Sparger building for an owner-occupied hotel, and to market the Spencer’s property along Franklin Street to a private developer who would build out around 24 town homes further connecting the urban fabric of the district. 

MAD, Inc. Spencer's Mill Site Plan by Sitework Studios